Антон Беляев стал отцом The wife of the artist gave birth to a boy. Anton Belyaev and his wife Julia accepted the congratulations. The joyful news was reported to “StarHit” the representatives of the star of the show “the Voice.”

The leader of the group Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev for the first time became a father. His wife, Julia, gave the musician the first-born. This “StarHit” said representatives of the artist. Details the star of the show “the Voice” prefers not to disclose.

The boy was born yesterday, may 22. Now mom and newborn baby are both doing well and preparing to go home. Fans rush to congratulate him on such a significant event in his life.

Long before the birth of Julia and Anton has declassified the sex of the baby – they did not hide that wait son. The wife of the artist had a premonition that she will become a mother it was a boy. “Paul found out – it is a micro-Anton. Incidentally, I have long felt that waiting for the boy. And our loved ones is also why it is said: “I Think you have a son,” said Julia.

Wife Belyaev understood that the birth of a baby radically change their lives. The musician admitted that probably will become more responsible adults.

Despite the fact that the couple knew the sex of the baby, they could not in advance come to agreement in selecting a name for the boy. Julia told me that he wants to name his son in any extravagant name, and Anton leaned more to the “classic” options. The pair decided it would be much better to decide after the appearance of the heir to the light. They assumed that the best decision will be made spontaneously.

For the waiting time of the child Belyaev tried to surround spouse maximum comfort and care. The couple thought long and hard about which one is better for their child to be born. Some advised Yulia to choose one of the hospitals in Miami, as did many famous mom. Also friends recommended a clinic in Mexico, Spain or the Maldives. Despite the many options, Julia was more inclined to stay in Russia. The wife of the soloist of the group Therr Maitz suggested that in Moscow in the spring will be fine, but because I wanted to stay in the capital.