Anton Belyaev and his wife has declassified the sex of the firstborn

Антон Беляев и его жена рассекретили пол первенца Very soon a well-known musician will become a father. At the moment Anton Belyaev and his wife Julia are preparing for a long-awaited event. During the conversation with journalists the lovers shared details of the appearance of the future baby.

      In early January it became known that the founder of the group Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev is going to become a dad. About this happy event, the artist said in his microblog. The musician and his wife Julia are on the seventh heaven from happiness. Recently the couple gave an interview in which he told more about the future baby.

      Anton and Julia admitted to journalists that the baby will be born in a few months. Belyaev already know the sex of their first child.

      “The baby will be born soon – in may. Paul found out – it is a micro-Anton. Incidentally, I have long felt that waiting for the boy. And our loved ones is also why it is said: “I Think you have a son”, said the beloved musician.

      According to Julia, with a name for the future baby they are still undecided. The young woman admitted that she prefers extravagant names, but her husband, on the contrary, inclined to a more “classic” options. Anton Belyaev said that the decision is likely to be adopted spontaneously.

      The wife of the musician also told that I have long wanted to be a mom. However, Julia believes that all the time. “If my pregnancy is two or three years earlier, who knows how it would have been our Anton life, how to develop his creativity,” – said the beloved celebrity. Now, as suggested by Belyaev, it is exactly the time when the child should be born.

      During the conversation with journalists, the leader of the popular group openly talked about whether he is ready for replenishment in the family. Anton Belyaev believes that the future baby will make him become more Mature and more responsible.

      “While the family is for us the fan, and the appearance of the child, I think, draw the line in bold marker: here was the fan, now life begins”, – said the artist.

      At the moment the couple choose the hospital. Yulia Belyaeva said she has several options. Friends offer her to go to Miami, Barcelona and the Maldives. Some even advised to go to Mexico. However, the young woman admits that seriously thinks about how to stay at home. According to Yulia, in the spring in Russia it will be great weather. “May in Moscow the beautiful”, – quotes the woman, the website of the magazine HELLO!.