Anton and Victoria Makarska learned to live after the crisis

Антон и Виктория Макарские научилась жить после кризиса Artists spoke about how they were influenced by the current economic situation. In recognition of the stars, they have become less work than before, however, they are optimistic about the future. Victoria Makarska told that her husband froze a few projects, so he began spending more time at home.

      Anton and Victoria Makarska recently finished renovating their new home, located in Sergiev Posad. Happy family has completed all works on arrangement of the house in record time – just three months. The husband and wife do not hide the joy that finally found their home and not spent a fortune. Victoria told the journalists that all the necessary things for the house, she managed to buy a very cheap. The crisis also affected artists with fewer projects than before. However, Anton and his fiancee look at things with optimism. According to Victoria, the current economic situation has brought together their family. Now celebrity much more time to devote to the children.

      “You can’t imagine how happy I am that at a time of crisis there was less work. When froze two of the project, Anton, instead of getting upset, I was happy as a child, I can all the time to communicate with his darling Mary. In a crazy race we have forgotten how to live. Communication with family and loved ones – that’s stealing from us career. Now we will again go in a big tour, and as much as I loved our “Live concerts” and communication with the audience, but my heart shrinks, just think about that for weeks will not see the children,” said Victoria Makarska reporters.

      Spouse of the singer completely agree with her. According to Anton Makarsky, all not make any money. He thanked God for what he has at the moment. The actor also admits he still has not learned to refuse that role. “So the crisis our family has benefited, often spend time together. Although the Prime Minister I have this year will be a lot of”, – said the actor.

      We will remind that Victoria and Anton Makarsky together for well over eighteen years. The couple’s charming four-year-old heiress Maria and one-year-old Ivan. Before to move to the suburbs, the star family is pretty long lived in Israel. Return to Russia, the artists had planned a long time ago, when the singer was in an interesting position. My housewarming Makarska are going to celebrate for a few days. “We have a huge number of relatives, friends and acquaintances, so gather all together at one time will not work”, – said Anton to the edition “7 days”.