Anthony Weiner found guilty of sex with a minor correspondence

Энтони Винер признан виновным за секс-переписку с несовершеннолетней

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner found guilty of the correspondence of an intimate nature with an underage girl. The accusation was first made last year, and announced it in the Federal Bureau of investigation. Then the security services had access to a personal computer Anthony and found the correspondence of a man with a fifteen-year-old schoolgirl. It turned out that the politician not only flirted with her, but Pris pictures of genitals.

May 19, held a hearing, during which Weiner admitted his guilt and asked the court and the jury for leniency, saying the incident of his illness.
“Everything that happened to me m is happening now is a disease, but I know I have no excuses” — frankly admitted Anthony.
According to the laws of the United States, Wiener can spend behind bars the next ten years, however, cooperation with law enforcement Anthony can receive and more loyal attitude, and get off with a fine and imprisonment up to two years. The last hearing will be held on 8 September.
Meanwhile, his wife huma Abedin, a friend and ally of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, finally filed for divorce, filing the relevant documents in Manalansan court. The poor woman could not stand the shame for the whole world, because last year her husband posted their Topless pictures, which is his sleeping four-year-old son, Twitter, confusing buttons. He soon deleted the photo, but it was too late.
Anthony cheated on his wife over the last few years. At some point huma forgave him and even started to go out with him in the light, while Weiner decided to run for the post measure of new York. To destroy the reputation of opponents posted the next portion of the compromising, then Abedin finally left her husband, and he lost the election, gaining just over 5% of the vote.
According to Western media, now Anthony and hum will have a long divorce process, including the thorny issue of child custody. Due to the questionable reputation Abedin could get full custody of my son.