Энтони Хопкинса обвинили в бессердечии по отношению к единственной дочери
The actor has no contact with her child for more than 20 years.

Энтони Хопкинса обвинили в бессердечии по отношению к единственной дочери

Anthony Hopkins


80-year-old Anthony Hopkins has puzzled his fans. When a reporter
asked the actor if he knows if he has any grandchildren, he replied,
bringing the interviewer into shock: “I have no Idea. And I do not care!”

Were, sir Anthony, to whom the Queen bestowed for his services
knighthood, had not seen his
only daughter Abigail, and had not even spoken to her for more than 20 years.
When the journalist said that such an attitude he seems cruel, he quietly
said: “Yes, it’s cruel. But life is a cruel thing!”

The relationship of the actor with a daughter, who is now 48 years old,
could never be called a heart. Anthony left his mother Abigail his
first wife, actress Petronella Barker, when the girl was little more than a year. Three years later they divorced. Since then and until
when Abigail became a teen, he didn’t communicate with it. They later reconciled, but the relationship, alas, did not happen. At some point, the daughter
Hopkins admitted that once, after a quarrel with his father once again, she
despair almost said goodbye to life.

Later, they have again started to communicate, and Abigail, who by that time had a successful
career author and performer of songs, and even starred in a small
roles in several films with his father. But then he finally broke with
it all contacts. “Communication with Abigail takes me too much nervous
of energy, and I don’t like it. I am selfish and not ashamed to admit it!” —
commented Hopkins.

Abigail Hopkins

Photo: abigailhopkins.com