Another trial: the father of Zhanna Friske continues to fight for the money

Еще один суд: отец Жанны Фриске продолжает бороться за деньги
Vladimir Friske wants to terminate the contract with the charitable organization.

Еще один суд: отец Жанны Фриске продолжает бороться за деньги

Zhanna Friske

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Hearing about of the money collected “Respond” to the treatment of Jeanne Friske, began two years ago. Some time after the death of the singer, the charity has demanded from relatives of the star report for the above named funds. There were collected of 25.01 million rubles. The parents of Joan were able to report only 4,12 million — this was the official account of the American hospital, where Friske was treated. The remaining 21.6 million rubles vanished into thin air. Long months of continued litigation between the Foundation, parents, Zhanna and her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev, the official representative of the chief of the heir of the star, their son Plato. Olga and Vladimir Friske claimed that all money was managed by the Shepelev. He, in turn, do not blame anyone, but the Investigative Committee found out that the rest of the money from the Bank (which, by the way, “burst”) filmed the mother of the singer. In the document it is signed.

Father Zhanna Friske Vladimir Borisovich

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After a lengthy investigation and trial, the court ruled that the money must return the parents of Jeanne. Vladimir Friske appealed, it was accepted, but the court in its decision has not changed. It became known that in early October of this year, the case has officially joined the bailiffs. As evidenced by the open information on the debtors on the website of the Federal bailiff service. Each of the parents of Jeanne “hanging” sum 21 693 214 rubles 00 kopecks, it was Reported that all of their Bank accounts blocked and part of the funds already received to the “Rusfond”. However, the charity denies this fact. They argue that if that happened, they would have immediately told the world about it.

To date, the case has become another new twist. Vladimir Friske, still categories does not agree with the decision of the court, decided to file a new claim to the “Rusfond”.

“The claim to “Rusfond” really charged. To assess the situation is difficult, because he just was and not even accepted for production. And possibly not to be adopted. To me, in any case, it is unclear what the claim the family can claim in arbitration court”,- told RIA”news” the lawyer of Fund Ivan Shienok.

Media there is a version that Vladimir Friske wants to accept the contract with the “Rusfond” is invalid because it allegedly found confirmation that it is a forged signature of Joan. How this will save the singer’s father from debt, is unclear.