Еще одно счастливое событие в жизни Хабенского
The actor received a starring role in the new superproject.

Konstantin Khabensky

Photo: Yury Feklistov

In the life of Konstantin Khabensky one happy event after another. Recently the actor for the second time became a father. His wife Olga Litvinova gave birth to a daughter.

Luck expects Khabensky and on a creative path. As it became known 7days.ru the actor was approved for the lead role in a new high-profile film project. The producers of paintings “soulless” and “duhless 2” by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Peter Anurov and Dmitry rudovsky proceed to the film adaptation of the new novel by Sergei Minaev “Selfie”. Director of the film
was Roman Prygunov.

Knightley will play a popular writer and TV presenter whose life changed in
one moment. He loses everything: career, friends, beloved. And soon learns that everything that happens is part of the plan double, rewriting again
the fate of the hero.

“Our film is a gripping Thriller with a complex hero. We managed to build a strong team of cinematographers,
and the participation of Konstantin Khabensky — undeniable
good luck for the project,” — said Fyodor Bondarchuk. “I’m extremely happy that the main role
in our film have agreed to play one of my
favorite actors Konstantin Habensky, — admitted Sergey Minaev. — Kostya is a man,
who is accurately resonates with today’s time. All three
— Khabensky, I and the hero of “Selfies” — people of the same generation. Everything is amazing
way came together in one point. Better
and to think it was impossible!”.

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