Еще одна блондинка: Анита Цой кардинально сменила имидж
The singer made an unexpected hairstyle.

Photo: Instagram

Anita Tsoy was surprised by the sudden change of image. The singer is now in a tour of the Far East with his concert “10/20”. Yesterday she filmed a video for a personal blog with the usual hair — long copper hair, and today congratulates Olympic medals, short hair, kipelno-white color.

This metamorphosis has forced fans to think about. But clearly decided that change Anita to face. It is no secret that blond hair is visually make a woman younger. Complexes about age Choi does not have, but what woman does not want to look younger?

And very loyal fans remembered that Anita has already experimented with white hair a few years ago. In particular, such she appeared in his video for the song “Crazy happiness”. But then the length of the hair was much longer.

What prompted Choi for no reason, no reason at all to disguise themselves as blonde in the middle of the tour is unknown. However, some members of the star expressed the view that it is only a wig, which Anita may be in one of the rooms of his show.