Обнародованы результаты вскрытия звезды сериала «Хор» Марка Саллинга

Six weeks ago, died the musician mark salling, better known for her role in the TV series “glee”. On Monday, the journalists E! News has obtained the autopsy of his body, which shed some light on the suicide of the artist.

Обнародованы результаты вскрытия звезды сериала «Хор» Марка Саллинга

The investigator from Los Angeles reported that the level of alcohol in the blood of Callinga was 0.095 percent. This indicates that the actor drank about 3 — 4 drinks before committing suicide. While a toxicology report showed that the actor was not using drugs.

Foreign TMZ reported that the suicide attempt was not the first. Before Salling tried to commit suicide cutting vein.

Recall that on January 30, mark salling has been found dead near the river in Los Angeles and his home. The star of “glee” has pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography. During a search conducted in December 2015, the computer artist was discovered a lot of videos and thousands of photos with illegal content, for which now he’s facing criminal penalties.

Обнародованы результаты вскрытия звезды сериала «Хор» Марка Саллинга
In the Los Angeles court held a hearing. Mark did not deny it and admitted that the video and the pictures belong to him. The judge decided to release him on bail of 150 thousand dollars, and banned celebrity be closer to the schools and public places where kids can be.

Considering the crime, the celebrity faced up to 40 years in prison.

The order about the arrest of the actor was issued by the Los Angeles court at the request of the police, after there was an established fact of crime. In December 2015 Salonga was arrested in his house. Brand was charged on two counts. First – in obtaining child pornography (20 years imprisonment), and the second storage podnosnikow minors (20 years imprisonment).

The death of 35-year-old actor shocked his friends and colleagues. After the recognition of pedophilia, the former star of “glee” could not stand the pressure and committed suicide. On January 30 he was found hanged near his home in Los Angeles. Despite charges of storing pornography, colleagues and friends honored the memory of the actor and spoke warmly in his direction.

“Today we have lost another member of our team. Yes, he committed crimes against children. But mark salling was broken, he was a victim himself. This, of course, did not justify it and does not ease the suffering of the victims of his crimes. I just want you to stop hurting his family,”
said Tim Davis, a former producer of “glee.”

Matthew Morrison, who met often with Callingham on the set of “glee” in his Instagram had shared a picture in which he stands in the company of Mark Salling and Cory Monteith, too, who died tragically in 2013. Commenting on the photo smiles in the form of two angels and sad faces, actor, thus gave tribute to their colleagues.

Jane Lynch in an interview with TMZ said that the death of a colleague was a tragedy that broke her heart.

Actor Justin Sorvillo came to the defense of Sellinge, saying that “no one deserves to be driven to suicide”. “We don’t know all the information and don’t know how truthful it is. I respect Mark Salling,” says the actor.