Announced the jury of the 69th International Cannes film festival

Оглашен состав жюри 69-го Международного каннского кинофестиваля

The 69th Cannes international film festival will take place in less than a month, but just today was announced the jury of this action.

Chaired by the Creator of “Mad max” George Miller, the winners will be determined Mads Mikkelsen (“Hannibal”), Donald Sutherland (“Pride and prejudice”) and Kirsten dunst (“Melancholia”).

In addition, the jury will also be announced earlier Director Laszlo Nemec (“Son of Saul”), Arno Desplechin (“Three memories of my youth”), Valeria Golino (“Frida”) and Vanessa Paradis (“Girl on post”).

The jury had a difficult task, namely to screen all the films of the festival participants and to sum up, the disclosure of which would happen at the closing ceremony on may 22, 2016.

Recall that Russia at the Cannes film festival will represent a picture of Kirill Serebrennikov “(M)pupil”, which was filmed and on the basis of the same theatrical production Serebrennikov on the play by German playwright Marius von Mayenburg. In the center of the story is a troubled teen who became a religious fanatic, comes into confrontation with his school teacher.

To open the Cannes film event this year will be a picture of woody Allen “Beautiful people”.


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