Энн Хэтэуэй показала огромный живот

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway is already almost about to give birth. Celebrity was not hiding the belly (and not be able to do it at all desire), although it still carefully guards his private life from paparazzi. However, the ubiquitous reporters had the chance to catch her on a walk in this weekend.

Ann was walking in a beautiful Park Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles with her husband Adam Shulman, who carefully maintained his 33-year-old wife under the elbow. The actress was semi-transparent leggings and black t-shirt, and on his feet – running shoes – the most comfortable dress for Ann in her position. Hathaway looked happy and relaxed.
In early March the actress has already celebrated baby-shower. Despite the fact that the actress and her husband hide from the journalist information about the future child, the future girlfriend mom (wife of actor Matthew McConaughey) Camilla Alves hit the lens paparazzi. She was carrying a large pink gift basket with a large letter G (girl – girl in English).
Let’s remind, that about pregnancy, Anne became known in November last year. For Adam Hathaway got married in September 2012 after four years of relationship.

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