Даниил Страхов объяснил, почему скрывает информацию о семье
43-year-old Russian actor Daniil Strakhov rarely takes part in television shows and programs.

Даниил Страхов объяснил, почему скрывает информацию о семье

But he made an exception for the First channel, having arrived on a meeting with Ivan Urgant. It happened in particular due to the fact that yesterday, 23 September 2019, released the first of a series of a multiseries film “Powwow” where Daniel plays the lead role of a talented surgeon, which is the result of the attack loses memory.

Daniel noted that he was incredibly curious to try to play the role of a doctor, but, having watched a lot of videos on performing brain surgery, he realized that a millimeter closer to what men make surgeons.

Fears has always been and remains a modest and intelligent man, who would not ascribe to themselves the merit of others. Also Daniel said that he’s not in any of the social networks. The reason is simple:

“The social network actors need to continue to promote itself and to maintain its popularity. With what do artists do it? With what they bring to the audience their personal lives, telling what they ate, who they are friends with whom they had just photographed. Well, and so on, talk about their loved ones, more or less sincerely. Every this measure finds for himself. I do not know how. Don’t want to. Because for me, family is family, and work is work. And I’m not ready to share with people something so that another may sell. Do not blame anyone”,

– true and cleverly said Daniel, thus only “heating” the public interest in his personal life, which, fortunately, all is well.

Даниил Страхов объяснил, почему скрывает информацию о семье

Daniil Strakhov since 2000, married to Maria Leonova.

“We met in 1994, at the 2nd date with Ashley. Dan then transferred from the School-Studio MXAT. We have known for 20 years”

recalled Maria in an interview with “OK”.

Many discuss the fact that in almost 20 years of marriage, Daniel Strahova and Maria Leonova not had children. But, again, it’s their personal business, in which we will not interfere.

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