Anne Hathaway first showed son

Энн Хэтэуэй впервые показала сына

On March 24, 2016, actress Anne Hathaway first became a mother. The star of “Les Miserables” and her husband Adam Shulman was born a son, whom the parents named Jonathan Robbins Shulman. To hide the child from the public Anne tried. Paparazzi a few months after the birth of a child was able to photograph the family together, and fans then had the opportunity to review the baby and try to understand what he looks like.

Photographers have already presented the child to the public, but on his page in Instagram Anne never did. Until yesterday.

In the microblog actress posted a picture of his son.

The boy with great interest I watched the video with mom, which she says solemn speech as a goodwill Ambassador of “UN Women”.

By the way, we Anne was timed to coincide with International women’s day.

“Today, on international women’s day, I would like to thank everyone who created the current policy to us. Let’s respect them and build on where they began, shifting our language and thereby our consciousness from the floor to the possibilities”, — said the actress.

In her speech, she touched upon such important aspects in a woman’s life as maternity leave and participation in the education of children not only mothers, but fathers equally.