Anna Wintour made a serious warning to Kim Kardashian

Анна Винтур сделала строгое предупреждение Ким Кардашьян

Last year reality TV star Kim Kardashian brazenly and even something as defiantly violated the request of Anna Wintour not to do a selfie during the Ball costume Institute. About the disobedience of the participant of the TV show “Life with the Kardashians,” then talked a lot. This year Anna decided to personally contact the wife of Kanye West and again to warn her about changing the rules of the annual celebration.

“Anna Wintour wrote an official letter, addressed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, in which he stated that they are not allowed to make any pictures during the Ball costume Institute.
Last year, when the couple disobeyed and did not take her words seriously, Anna could feel her publicly humiliated by this. This year she decided to act in advance. She told them that does not want to see in their hands the phones throughout the evening. If they disobey this time, you will not receive an invitation to this event of the year” — said the insider.
Recall that the last time Wintour and so not happy about Vesta-Kardashian, and the latest fashion exhibition and Kanye and all ended for her tears. Anna said in an interview that he could not find the exit after the screening of “immigrant chic”, and was so frightened the crowd that cried. But the truth is, looking at the latest collection of Vesta, the thought comes that she began to cry during the show.
“Kanye and Kim really did not like the statements of Anna. They also believe that its ban on “selfies” during the Ball costume Institute ridiculous” — said the insider. Funny or not, and this year the couple behaved diligently and smartphones its does not Shine.

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