Anna Wintour apologized to Kanye West for criticizing his collection

Анна Винтур извинилась перед Канье Вестом за критику его коллекции

“Immigrant chic” has called the new collection Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 the editor of the popular glossy magazines Vogue and connoisseur of fashion Anna Wintour. This description was made during a talk show, Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Anna Wintour apologized to Kanye West for criticizing his collection

“I apologize if my comment was offensive to someone. Migrant crisis – the real modern problem, and I’m not going to simplify this question” — whether to apologize, or insisted Wintour. By the way, Kanye was told that the new collection was inspired by a visit to the Rwandan refugee camps. Most likely, it was referring to Anna, describing the work of Vesta.
Recall that the Yeezy show Season 3 at Madison Square garden cost Anna a lot of nerves. First, to show she came in advance. Secondly, the Kardashian clan acceded to, as they previously agreed. In the end Anna sat alone at the nearly empty sector for VIP-persons. When the show ended, Wintour could not find a way out from behind the scurrying to and fro of the crowd. On the remark of a leading talk show that wearing sunglasses, she simply could not see the signs.
“I was in tears” — explained his sunglasses Anna, however, without explaining what caused it – a new collection of Kanye or inability to leave the pavilion.

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