Anna Tsukanova-Cott was in a love triangle

Анна Цуканова-Котт попала в любовный треугольник
The actress appeared influential boyfriend.

Anna Tsukanova-Cott

Photo: STS

In the final season of the nostalgic Comedy “Eighties”
TV channel STS, whose production was recently completed, almost all the characters
will happen in the vicissitudes of personal life. So, for example, the heroine Anna Tsukanova-Cott
Kate will face a difficult choice: to stay with the groom Makar or
leave it for a new prospective boyfriend.

“Kate’s going to happen a lot
interesting events, in the end, she gets very stressy situation after
where her life will change dramatically, ” said Anna — Except Makara
it will have another fan, and the rector of the Institute. But instead
to give him the heave-Ho, Katya will have to take advantage of the fact that her
sympathetic with a very noble goal: to help your loved one. By the way,
my social networks were bombarded with questions: “When, finally, there will be new
series?”. Write even conscripts, for whom, as it turned out, my
Kate — the ideal woman”.

To mark the completion of filming of STS
arranged a press conference for journalists, which were attended by performers
main roles — Alexander Yakin, Dmitry Belotserkovsky, Anna Tsukanova-Cott, Victoria
Shashkova, Arina Postnikova, Natalia Zemtsova, Anastasiya Balakina and others. Actors
staged a tournament on the slot machines of the Soviet era — the era in which
just is the action series “the Eighties”.

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