Anna Tsukanova-Cott was discharged with her newborn daughter from the hospital

Анна Цуканова-Котт выписалась с новорожденной дочкой из роддома
The actress spoke about what happened during her birth.

Anna Tsukanova-Cott

Photo: Social networks

About a week ago, Anna Tsukanova-Cott became a mother for the second time. Now the actress is at home with a newborn baby. The other day she was discharged from the Metropolitan hospital. The ceremony was attended by members of the family of Annas, and of course, her loving husband, directed by Alexander Kott.

Anna was waiting for the day of discharge, as he did not like to be in the walls, though good, but the clinic where it is necessary to adhere to strict rules. The next day she went to Breakfast in favourite cafes. “Breakfast is on the loose. No belly and not in the hospital! A unique feeling,” jokes Tsukanov-Kott.

By the way, Tsukanov-Kott to the last day of pregnancy led a very active lifestyle. She was amazed not only fans, but friends and relatives who know it very well. Pregnancy is not a disease, and it’s just about Anna! She had removed the clips for your project, and for others attending social events. For example, a few days before the birth, she brought the family to the premiere of the film “8 friends of Oushena”.

The name of the daughter pair does not disclose, Anna does not publish and photos of the baby. But she recently shared details of that birth, she took a male doctor. “Yes! I have delivered a baby man! And it was awesome! I felt under the total protection and does not afraid of anything!” — says Anna.