Анна Цуканова-Котт рассказала, как быстро стать стройной после родов
The actress gave a piece of advice to future mothers.

Anna Tsukanova-Cott

Photo: @Instagram anna_tsukanova_kott Anna Tsukanova-Cott

Anna Tsukanova-Cott safely posing in a swimsuit on the beach in Greece as early as two weeks after birth. Recently became a mother for the second time, the actress quickly returned to the form. What is the secret? According to Anna, during pregnancy she adhered to strict principles in nutrition and thus escaped the struggle with excess weight.

“My figure is preserved, due to the fact that during pregnancy I’ve been eating right and doing yoga! Yes, I had a longing for sweet and starchy foods, Yes, it is bread and forbidden foods, but instead I ate healthy fruits, smoothies and “healthy food”. I also reduced the salt intake to excess fluid is not delayed in the body. And it was given to me not easily. I allowed myself to have a “junk” for a little bit… But now I’m really glad I coped and got the result!” — shared secret Anna.

In addition, Tsukanov-Kott leads an active lifestyle. Many moms after the birth of a child used to go into confinement. Anna not stay too long within four walls: the next day after the delivery she went to a favorite cafe, and a week later flew with a newborn baby and the Mediterranean sea.

Recall that the name of the daughter of the actress with her husband, Director Alexander Scott has not disclosed, and Anna does not publish photos of little. But she recently shared details of that birth, she took a male doctor. “Yes! I have delivered a baby man! And it was awesome! I felt under the total protection and does not afraid of anything!” — says Anna.