Anna starshenbaum was reunited with her ex-husband for her son, growing her a copy

Анна Старшенбаум воссоединилась с бывшим мужем ради сына, растущего ее копией
Fans are amazed at how six-year-old Ivan like a stellar mother.

Anna starshenbaum and Alexey Bardukov with his son Ivan

Anna starshenbaum for the sake of his beloved son and six — year-old Ivan continues to communicate with her ex-husband actor Alexei Bardukov,
who, despite divorce, have remained in good relations. On the eve of ex-wife
together with Vanya was published and appeared on the premiere of the cartoon series “Hey Arnold”.
“Family is forever” — signed photograph star “of Psichologine”
page in the social network.

Subscribers actress was once again amazed at how
the son looks like a mother. “Just a copy! One person!”— they wrote. Also
frustrated fans said that Alex and Anna were lovely family
couple and im very sorry that now they are divorced.

Recall that the actress decided to divorce, was
known last summer. But despite the gap, it continues to count Alexei
the best husband and father ever. Starshenbaum has been repeatedly recognized in sincere
and light feel Burdukovo, thanking him for his son, and for seven happy years
lives. “Alyosha… my dear… Beloved one… I want to say thank you for 7
the happiest years of my life… For our marriage… For our wonderful son… You
the best dad in the world… the best husband… best friend… You are forever
will be my family… I want you to be happy… Every day… Every
minute… Every breath…” — wrote the star Burdukovo almost immediately after,
as their marriage was terminated.