Anna starshenbaum radically changed her image

Анна Старшенбаум кардинально сменила имидж
Colleagues and friends of the actress praised her new look.

Анна Старшенбаум кардинально сменила имидж

Anna Starshenbaum


Anna Starshenbaum

Photo: facebook

Anna starshenbaum, which all used to seeing with curls
different shapes, I decided to change my hair — made a long caret and straightened
hair. Photos in a new way, the actress has published on his page in the social network, when
on the way from the salon, got stuck in traffic. Members and fans of Anna immediately began
to put the huskies and leave rave reviews.

But Director Andrey Kavun solution Starshenbaum to change the image is not supported: “there is only labanowski pilots to wear – and you’ll be like
all. You have such a bright personality”. But the actress said the friend: “don’t
agree. Your personality is your hair? With a shaved head
Anna bright, and with long hair? I think it will be bright and
a bag on my head!”. Kavun explained that just expressed his opinion: “I
saw Anya in many ways. It’s okay if one of them, someone
liked less than others”.

What do you think, which hairstyle is more Anna? And,
in General, how often do women need to change?