Анна Старшенбаум скрывает развод от сына The actress doesn’t want to devote a child in the details of their personal lives. Anna starshenbaum hopes that the breakup will not affect the heir of the van. The actress thanked the wife of Alexei Bardukova for a wonderful seven years of marriage.
Анна Старшенбаум скрывает развод от сына

A week ago it became known that actress Anna Starshenbaum finally broke up with her husband Aleksey Bardukov. She decided to be honest with the fans and told about it in the microblog. Despite the fact that the whole environment of the former spouses in the course of the incident, her five year old son Vanya they are kept in the dark. The actress confessed that now they continue to live as a family in one apartment.

“For me marriage is an intimate relationship between a man and a woman. If such a relationship is, a marriage. If the intimate relationship ends, it is divorce. Why child devote to the details of how we spend our time without it? It is important to be loved and that no one was arguing,” says Starshenbaum.

Despite the fact that the wife made the final decision to leave, they haven’t officially terminated the relationship. Due to the fact that the couple have a child together, Anna and Alex need to get a divorce through the courts. However, they are confident that they will be able to agree on how much time each parent will spend with the child.

From September Starshenbaum and Bardukov intend to live separately – each in his own apartment. The actress believes that the boy, who in November will mark six years will not be so badly in need of mom and dad. In her opinion, the child will be matters that will distract him.

“This year the van will go to the preparatory grade. He’s big, he doesn’t need to be with their parents for days. He will be with us to do homework and on weekends to walk. Nothing will change in terms of quantity of time spent,” – said the woman.

Despite the fact that after registration of the divorce, Anna and Alex will become a free people can build their personal life, the actress admitted to journalists of the edition of Woman’s Day that he has no plans to accept courtship from men.

“This question will not be a very long time. I have on my mind. Alesha know, now also no one, even though I wish him to find happiness. Alex is the perfect husband. We gave each other in marriage, and we will continue to give each other something new as friends and loved ones,” said Starshenbaum.