Anna starshenbaum competes with my niece

Анна Старшенбаум конкурирует с племянницей Close relatives chose the acting profession. Anna starshenbaum admitted that the success of Irina made her achieve new goals. Despite the fact that the artist began his career 10 years earlier girls and has appeared in many paintings in the main roles, she strives for more.
Анна Старшенбаум конкурирует с племянницей

A couple of years ago, the audience learned about the young actress Irina Starshenbaum. Her debut was in the film “Moving”, where she played a major role. However, almost ten years before in the domestic film industry, her namesake and cousin, Anna starshenbaum. Over a long career and numerous shooting in various films and television series she is not often glimpsed in the media and seemed to have escaped the attention of the public. Anna admitted that a relative had forced her to take another look at the recognition from the audience.

“I just this year became care. Due to certain circumstances. In short, it can be funny, but in the movie she appeared Ira Starshenbaum, my niece. And I for the first time was not all the same. I’ve always lived for myself, acted for myself. I didn’t want popularity. I always refused projects, from filming in magazines. And when the Ira, I looked at myself, there was a passion to prove something to myself and others. I began to set goals and achieve them. When I achieve them, my mom always says now: “Thank you Ira!” – said the actress.

Not long ago, Anna told me you were done with her husband Aleksey Bardukov. The couple has a teenage son Vanya. He is proud that his parents are working in kinoindustrii. Despite the fact that the boy was left to live with Starshenbaum, the artist manages to combine rehearsal and shooting with care. Celebrity admires the fact that the ex-husband takes an active part in the life of his son and takes responsibility for the boy. Son of Anna Starshenbaum: “Adult movies I can’t watch.”

Anne admitted in an interview with Maxim magazine that he is not worried if there’s no work, but gets very upset after the shooting.

“Winter is when calm. I do every time a project ends, the last day of shooting, the feeling that all the end of the world, never will be anything. Even if three parallel shooting, I start to suffer. It’s like love, it is always mixed with a feeling of fear to lose her,” he told Starshenbaum.

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