Anna starshenbaum announced a break with her husband

Анна Старшенбаум объявила о разрыве с мужем
The actress and her husband decided to divorce after seven years of marriage.

Anna starshenbaum and Alexey Bardukov

Photo: Maxim Lee

As it became known, Anna starshenbaum, and her husband, Aleksey Bardukov put an end to their relationship. The actress and her husband made a mutual decision to part. “I don’t know how else to say it… Actually my husband and I broke up and decided that it is better to say about it, until rumors”, — commented on the breakup with Alex, Anna.

About the reasons Starshenbaum did not spread. She would not like that fans put forward any assumptions at this point, so I disabled the ability to comment on its publication in the social networks garden is thus unnecessary questions.

In November 2011, two years after the wedding, Anna and Alexei had a son, Ivan. And in 2014 a scandal broke out: Starshenbaum was suspected of treason — Anne allegedly had an affair with the colleague on shop Vladimir Yaglych. On the relationship with her husband this scandal is not affected, because the actress denied ascribed to her relationship with co-star in the TV series “Family business” on the channel STS. Incidentally, on the same channel, the actress is busy filming the series “Psychologin”.

Incidentally, a few days ago, Anna told in an interview to “Caravan of stories” that are incredibly happy with her husband. “I believe that miracles happen in the lives of each of us. The only question is, what is considered a miracle and what a coincidence. The main miracle of my life I consider meeting with her husband… And now I can’t imagine being without Alex. If he’s not around, in his mind, he is still with me. When playing romantic Christmas tale “My boyfriend — angel” the prototype of the hero was my husband!” — recently confessed Anna.