Anna Snatkina told about serious health problems

Анна Снаткина рассказала о серьезных проблемах со здоровьем Famous actress 14 years ago faced problems with the spine. She was diagnosed with a hernia. She had literally learned to walk again. The star tries not to run his health, plays sports and watches his diet.

      Анна Снаткина рассказала о серьезных проблемах со здоровьем

      Actress Anna Snatkina rarely published. After the movie star was married to a leading TV program “Yesterday Live” Victor Vasilyev and gave birth to a daughter Veronica, she prefers to spend free time with family. However, not always everything went so well in the life of Anna, 14 years ago she developed back problems and feet. She told journalists how she was able to cope during that difficult period of life and begin to walk.

      “I joined the film Institute and abruptly gave up the sport, which was engaged since the childhood. Due to the lack of stress I had a hernia that caused complications. My legs refused to function. I was lying two weeks in intensive care, and then for two years was restored. At that moment I realized that you need every lived moment to appreciate and cherish,” shared the star.

      At the moment life Snatkina watching their health and getting regular exercise. “I am a sports fanatic. He madly hardens, gives character, endurance, willpower. If not sports, I would be cinematic for the stairs did not go”, – said the actress.

      The star is drinking a lot of water, eat right, exercise and yoga. A young mother wants to give his daughter Veronica to the gym. If the girl will be a success in this field, she will decide to deal with her professionally. However, Anna thinks her successor needs to get a serious profession.

      Daughter Veronica, born in 2013, was for her the greatest happiness in the world. Anna confessed that she wanted to have children. “How many God will give, and so many I give birth. Greater happiness for yourself I can’t imagine,” said Snatkina.

      By the way, very soon Snatkina will appear before fans in a new way. The actress decided to try his hand in politics. She’s going to run for the Duma from the party “United Russia”. “I’ve always been a fighter for justice. And, I think, in the Duma could help to solve many problems. I want to help children, veterans movie. Working in the theater, I saw the problems of veterans. While the actors claimed, but years pass and nothing stays,” he told the star in an interview “ProZvezd”.

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