Anna Snatkina told about his paralysis

Анна Снаткина рассказала о своем параличе

Anna Snatkina told about the health problems, not breaking that we could not get to know her as an actress.

At the beginning of his learning the art of acting Anna became seriously ill. Snatkina formed hernia, which paralyzed her for a while: “These problems have happened in 2002. Then I joined the film Institute and abruptly gave up the sport, which was engaged since the childhood. Due to the lack of stress I had a hernia that caused complications. My legs refused to function. I was lying two weeks in intensive care, and then for two years was restored. At that moment I realized that you need every lived moment to appreciate and cherish”.

Snatkina now considers the sport a necessary lesson, is able to maintain her physical health: “Occupational injury, you need to maintain, so regularly do. I am a sports fanatic. He madly hardens, gives character, endurance, willpower. If not sports, I would be on the cinematic ladder go. Now I am engaged in fitness, yoga, practicing proper nutrition, drink plenty of water. Plan to give his daughter Veronica to the gym soon. While not professional – for the overall development. When you’re older I’ll tell you myself: want or not. It will be her choice. If not, go for another career. Of course, I wish the daughter had received a profession”, – admitted the star.

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