Anna Snatkina started talking about the betrayal of the man she loved

Анна Снаткина заговорила о предательстве любимого мужчины
The actress shared details of his personal life.

Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Recently aired TV show “Wife. Love story” featuring Anna Snatkina. Interview with actress turned
very personal and honest. History of infidelity, which told Anna in the framework of
transmission occurred many years ago, but has left a serious trace in the memory of Anna.

“Something bothered me… And then
I realized that it wasn’t real love. And from my side too. The man was
older, wiser, it lasted five years. And it all ended with betrayal.
It was painful, it was frustrating,” said Anna. It turned out that it was about
a young man Actresses, with whom she was together before the fateful encounter
her future husband Victor Vasileva.

As Snatkina admitted, although
for many feelings about a broken heart, Anna, years later, grateful
the fate for such a hard lesson. “All that is done, all the better!” — added

Currently, Anna
happy family life and together with her husband Victor Vasiliev
has a three year old daughter Veronica. By the way, recently Snatkina admitted
that overly indulges his daughter. “To be honest, we spoil our daughter. It
the girl is the only one. We plan on adding to the family, but later. And
until all the strength, all the love you give to Veronica. We want for her, of course, the
best. The kid to have all that
we can give her,” he shared in an interview with Anna.

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