Анна Снаткина затеяла ремонт для дочери Actress renews the nursery. Anna Snatkina and her husband Victor Vasiliev decided to make a nice four year old Veronica. The actress shared with fans their plans for home improvement.

Famous actress Anna Snatkina admitted to fans that he was going to update a room four year old daughter Veronica. She did not explain whether it wants to make cosmetic repairs of the premises or intends only to change the furniture to the younger child. The celebrity said that he went to the store to pick up necessary for the girl. It is possible that while the artist just eyeing the assortment, but the final word will remain for the heir.

“Updated nursery. Anyone up for furniture this weekend?” – wrote Anna in the microblog.

Fans supported her idea to do something nice for your beloved daughter and wished a celebrity happy shopping. “Always glad to buy something new, especially for the kids, good luck!”, “I would have gone with you. Pleasant and joyful moments!” – I was glad for the artist followers.

Recently Alice and Bob participated in the program of the First channel “a Perfect repair”. Then the construction team arranged for the family rest zone, home cinema under the open sky. The couple was happy as they could now invite me to the suburban mansion of many friends and enjoy the warm summer evenings. Snatkina and Vasiliev became the heroes of the transfer of the housing arrangement in the past year. A professional team presented them with an updated kitchen-living room. The couple made no secret that the repair of the cottage is quite slow as they are busy people.

It is quite possible that due to renovations the couple postpone the birth of the second heir. The man admitted that they dream about the baby. Victor remembered the words once said to him wife. Anna said to the spouse that is ready to expand the family just after moving into a new house. However, as it turned out, the purchase of housing is not enough – first they decided to create a comfortable environment in the house. Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev expecting a son

Anna thinks of her husband a wonderful family man and I’m sure it will help with a newborn baby. The actress recalled that after the birth of Veronica Victor with no problems stayed with the baby when she had to run an errand.