Anna Snatkina remembered how to survive infidelity

Анна Снаткина вспомнила, как пережила измену The actress happily married to Victor Vasiliev. However, before meeting him, she was faced with the betrayal of the man she loved. Movie star openly talked about how faced with a betrayal, which taught her a life lesson.

      Анна Снаткина вспомнила, как пережила измену

      Anna Snatkina participated in the program “Wife. A Love Story”. In an interview, the actress candidly spoke about his family life and remembered how a few years ago, faced with cheating men. She had an affair with a man who eventually betrayed her. She broke up with him after five years of relationship.

      “Something bothered me… And then I realized that it wasn’t real love. And from my side too. The man was older, wiser, it lasted five years. And it all ended with betrayal. It was painful, it was frustrating,” he shared on the program, Anna.

      This bitter experience has taught the star, and eight years later, after a failed relationship Snatkina speaks of a life lesson with gratitude. “All that is done, all the best!” – said the actress.

      A long time movie star considered himself a desperate social climber, and didn’t want to get married, although men did to her proposals of marriage. In the Treasury of Snatching more than 40 roles, she played main characters in such films as “to Kill a Blackbird”, “the Mystery of the Snow Queen”, “Police station”, “Sniper: Hero of the resistance”.

      Анна Снаткина вспомнила, как пережила измену

      A few years after a failed relationship, Anna again began to trust men. In 2012, the wedding took place Snatching with a leading TV program “Yesterday Live” Viktor Vasiliev. The celebration was held in full secrecy in the summer Palace in St. Petersburg. First pair did not advertise their relationship, because they were afraid that excessive attention will bring a discord in their life together. In 2013, Victor and Anna had a daughter Veronica.

      According to star cinema, after the birth of girl she always is very worried for her. When the daughter Anna is ill, the actress makes every effort to baby get better soon.: gives several types of drugs and otpaivali hot tea. Veronica grows a bright child, her character is strong and independent. In the three years the girl is learning English, going to school for early development and know how to work the iPhone. Daughter of Anna and Victor excellent stores information and successfully learns the hard words. According to the girl’s father, she knows how to pronounce “parallelogram” and “balancing act” the first time.

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