Anna Snatkina is preparing for the birth of the child

Анна Снаткина готовится к рождению ребенка

In 2013, Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev became parents. Acting couple have a daughter, who was named Veronica.

With the birth of a daughter, the couple knew absolute happiness, but now think about repeating the experience.

As Victor told reporters that he and Anna think about the birth of the second child.

According to the showman, the birth of a second baby is not postponed indefinitely and will take place as soon as possible.

“Anya I think of the extended family, discussing this question. And all to go,” says Vasiliev.

The birth of the second child is a logical development of the relations of this lovely couple. Anna and Victor demonstrate a wonderful understanding and trust to each other: “”I can show Ana your phone, you know the passwords of all of its gadgets and mail. We really have nothing to hide from each other. No, the only thing keeping from wife purse. But Anya has learned to go into my online banking to check the balance. So we have to hide money outside cards. Nest egg you need. The more that they will go naturally to her – where else to spend it?”