Anna Snatkina hid from her husband the pregnancy

Анна Снаткина скрывала от мужа беременность
The actress was in a panic because of impending motherhood.

Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev


Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev happy together for five years. This year they celebrated wooden wedding. The couple recently plunged into nostalgia and remembered as their fabulous family life. Meeting Anna and Victor were random. The future spouses met at a social event where Vasiliev appeared on the stage, and Snatkina was among the spectators. At the afterparty they exchanged phone numbers. In the beginning of the novel both artists “prebookable” in the relationship. Now recognized as a showman, he was afraid to be rejected, so came up with different excuses from the appointed date. And Anna’s not used to be proactive with dealing with men, so I waited for the first step away from Victor. But their romance was destined to begin.

A few months after Dating’ev already made Anna an offer and 10 days before the wedding Snatkina found that expecting a child. This news plunged the actress into a state of shock. Anna kept the news secret. Knowing that she will become a mother for the first time, she felt wild panic. The first time Snatkina could not bring myself to tell Victor about the pregnancy. “I’m not saying the Vita. What if something goes wrong? We get married and then get divorced, and I’ll be the one raising the child… Victor was persuaded to do a pregnancy test, and I pretended that do not hear. Came up with absolutely stupid excuses. Nevertheless, some time it rolled!” with a smile he remembered in an interview with Anna.

Victor figured it out myself and called Anna for a serious conversation. Then she had to confess. “She looked at me with tearful eyes and said, “Can we hurry?” She was not ready. I had to calm her down because she was panicking. I was sure that we must bear and not afraid of anything. And no abortions! If I at any moment would have hesitated, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have kept,” — said Vasilyev in the program “Once” with Sergey Mayorov. Anna was a difficult birth, after which the couple’s daughter Veronica spent two weeks in intensive care. Snatkina has decided to protect the baby from the publicity, so is not showing Veronica fans.