Anna Snatkina has submitted to deputies

Анна Снаткина подалась в депутаты The actress puts forward a candidate from the ruling party. Anna Snatkina after Yulia Mikhalkova wants to engage in lawmaking. The star is set to serious work.

      Анна Снаткина подалась в депутаты

      Anna Snatkina decided to think about the future. Star of Russian TV is planning to change the scope of activities. Soon she will start to develop their career in a new direction. Acting skills are not of use for the artist on the new job, but nerves of steel do not hurt.

      “Yes, I really shall be nominated from the “United Russia,” did not deny Snatkina. – I’ve always been a fighter for justice. And, I think, in the Duma could help to solve many problems. I want to help children, veterans movie. Working in the theater, I saw the problems of veterans. While the actors claimed, but years pass and nothing remains.”

      It is noteworthy that some time ago about wanting to become an MP has announced another popular actress – Julia Mikhalkov. The star of “Ural dumplings” was also chosen a difficult vocation of servants of the people. The way it is, as Snatkina, decided to start immediately in the ruling party.

      “I did a lot of observing how work is carried out in the state Duma, went to meetings, talked with the deputies, learned as they write the laws. I understand where you’re going, – said Mikhalkov journalists.

      It is worth noting that both artiste not succumb to possible challenges in a new field of activity. After all, often government representatives who came to the power of creative professions are criticized. “Don’t criticize only those who are sitting at home. I think that fools and clowns should be thrown away from his life, because the circus must go on tour. I’m going with this slogan. Don’t want to sit at home on the couch and sit,” said Snatkina in an interview with “ProZvezd”.

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