Анна Снаткина отдала дочь в большой спорт
Popular actress boasted success girls.

Victor Vasiliev and Anna Snatkina

Photo: Kirill Nikitenko

Anna Snatkina is recognized that whenever possible indulges his four-year daughter and only because of her sport Veronica begins to learn what discipline and control.

“Daughter engaged in artistic gymnastics at the Academy of Irina Viner — said the actress. The training literally every day. It has already started to participate in competitions, I am very pleased. Me at the age of four years the parents gave to the gymnastics section. Later I began to engage in sports aerobics and became master of sports. And I know it builds character and teaches discipline.”

Sports experience Snatching — 13 years. And then Anna has a dream to become an actress and she was admitted to VGIK, in the workshop of Vitaly Solomin. “I hope that Veronica, which really like gymnastics, will not leave the sport, as it once did me, and she’s got to be a lot of victories. Of course, when she grows up, she will decide who to be. My goal as a mother is to give her interesting classes”.