Anna Snatkina explained why hiding daughter

Анна Снаткина объяснила, почему скрывает дочь The actress spoke about the difficult childbirth. Anna Snatkina doesn’t want to attract unwanted attention to the child, because the baby on the light it was not easy. That is why pictures of the four-year Veronica are only available in the family archive.

Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev have been married for five years. The couple do not get tired to confess each other in love and share often with fans combines photos to social networks. However, the actress and her partner for four years refuse to show the fans of the daughter Veronica.

According to Snacking, childbirth was extremely difficult. The young woman explained that does not want to show the public and the personal dreams that the heiress had spent tranquil childhood

“You know, the kids each get in their own way. Us with Veronica had to suffer. That’s why I don’t want to show it, I want to keep it only in our” – shared the actress in the program “Once”.

According to Snacking, the news of the pregnancy literally shocked her. About the interesting position of the actress has learned a few days before the wedding. She is worried she is not ready for motherhood and will not be able to combine a career with child care issues. However, the husband of Anne hastened to reassure her and comfort.

“There was terrible panic, a real hysteria. Anya said that we rushed in, crying. However, I immediately knew that it is necessary to give birth. No abortion! Even thought this did not arise. It seems to me, if I hesitated, I hesitated, then Anna would have felt it. And in the end, I wouldn’t be able to hold her back,” – said Viktor Vasilyev.

Now the wife trying all the free time to spend with the heiress. However, they quite often have to be separated, after all, and Anna and Victor are in demand in the profession. According to Vasilyev, he regrets that later became a father. The man is still difficult to believe his age because he feels 20 years and no more.

“Sometimes on the football field I play young guys. And I’m outraged, because it seems to me that with forty years this should not happen. When Veronica is 20, I will be over 60, and it’s scary. But everything happens in his time,” said the man.

Anna Snatkina not tire of talking about how a happy marriage. The young woman was able to find a common language with the mother of the chosen one and is now in close contact with his entire family. The couple try not to give each other cause for jealousy, and during the long separation always try to communicate with each other by phone and through instant messengers.