Anna Snatkina decided to become a member

Анна Снаткина решила стать депутатом
The actress plans to fight for justice.

Anna Snatkina

Photo: Instagram Anna Snatkina

Anna Snatkina decided to become a member: actress plans to fight for justice. Apparently, the star of Russian TV series wants to use his fame to help people.

“Yes, I do put forward the “United Russia”. I’ve always been a fighter for justice. And, I think, in the Duma could help to solve many problems. I want to help children, veterans movie. Working in the theater, I saw the problems of veterans. While the actors claimed, but years pass and nothing stays,” said Anna in an interview to the portal “ProZvezd”.

Snatkina admitted that he prepared for the inevitable criticism, which always meet those stars who decided to enter politics. “Don’t criticize only those who are sitting at home. I think that fools and clowns should be thrown away from his life, because the circus must go on tour. I’m going with this slogan. Don’t want to sit at home on the couch and sit,” said the actress.

Meanwhile, we will remind that recently Anna Snatkina admitted that overly indulges his daughter.

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