Anna Snatkina decided on plastic surgery

Анна Снаткина решилась  на пластическую операцию
The actress spoke about the incident to her change.

Anna on the TV show “Disappeared”

Photo: Channel “Home”

Anna got into so unpleasant a situation that she had to do plastic surgery to change the gait and even the voice. All this happened on the TV show “Disappeared”, which started on channel “Home”. Snatkina plays in it at once two roles: housekeeper Kate and Lydia wife of an oligarch. “This is a story about love, — says Anna. — Because everything in our life is done for love of man, the children, parents, friends.”

In real life, the actress has not resorted in the near future is not going to resort to plastic surgeons. In an interview Snatkina said that the secret of her beauty and youth properly structured power system.

“There is no place for junk food, chips, canned goods, meats, sausages,
sweet soda — says the actress. Are fried in butter, fish or meat. No they
boiled: when boiled decomposes what we eat
protein. It is better to cook these foods in a slow cooker, on the grill or in
the oven. By the way, to salt or pepper dishes better in finished form yet
cook, salt is absorbed — and I want to add more and more. By the way,
now in Vogue salt-free diet and the salt the body needs: it is
some micronutrients, for example iodine. Main thing is to control it

I buy salt, packaged in one gram, and
day use three bags: the dietician calculated that I
enough. These bags are convenient to use at home and on the road, and
production of… the Most important thing in my diet — clear system: strictly four
meal four hours and correct the size of portions. For liquids
I have a capacity scale and quantity of solid foods I measure out
on the kitchen scales. It was very convenient.”