Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev celebrate first wedding anniversary

Анна Снаткина и Виктор Васильев празднуют первый свадебный юбилей
The actress admitted that five years of marriage were the happiest in my life.

Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev

Photo: Instagram

Anna Snatkina has shared an archive photo
where she was posing in a wedding dress. Today, the actress is an important day — it together
with her husband Victor Vasiliev celebrates five-year anniversary of marriage. “Five happy, loving, bright, kind,
rich, funny, gorgeous and wonderful years! — says the star. — Thank you
my dear and beloved husband for his unconditional love, care, understanding,
the warmth and richness of the soul! We have a growing little miracle — our daughter Veronica. She
for us all our heart. I love my precious family. They’re my
life. I thank God for what he gave them to me.”

The people of the five-year anniversary of marriage is called hardwood.
The name of the wedding symbolizes the current relationship. As durable
the wood is strong family ties. Original
the roughness and irregularities of the wood are smoothed out over time, but remains
reliability. In addition, after 5 years of marriage, in joyful anniversary date wedding
about what a family can be judged by the “fruits”, children as “flowers of life”. As you can see, marriage Vasiliev and Snacking according to folk traditions you can safely
exemplary. Even the actors have repeatedly proved that their feelings to each other with
become only deeper and stronger.

“Before I met Vitya needs
marriage is not felt, and therefore stated that family history does not
about me. But it was just to see him, immediately realized: that’s my man
calm, balanced, wise, — said the actress in an exclusive
an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”. — I got married and had a baby at thirty
years. If this had not happened so far, I believe, would feel
uncomfortable. Career career and their own family needs. I would come to this
thoughts if I met him? That is the question…”