Anna Snatkina admitted weakness

Анна Снаткина призналась в слабости
The actress spoke about her passion.

Анна Снаткина призналась в слабости

Anna Snatkina


Anna Snatkina is trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. She plays a lot of sport and cares about his nutrition: excluded from the diet of fast food, chips, canned goods, meats, sausages,
sugary soda. And even meat or fish if they are fried or boiled.

“When boiled decomposes what we eat — protein, — says the actress. — It is better to cook these foods in
slow cooker, on the grill or in the oven. By the way, to salt or pepper dishes better
ready: while cooking, salt is absorbed — and I want to add more and more.
By the way, now in Vogue salt-free diet, and salt the body needs: it
there are useful trace elements for example iodine. Main thing is to control it
number. I buy salt, packaged in one
gram, and a day use three bags: the dietician calculated that I
enough. These bags are convenient to use at home and on the road, and on
production of… the Most important thing in my diet — clear system: strictly four
meal four hours later and the correct portion size”.

There’s only one thing of which Snatkina not give up.

Anna Snatkina


“I have a terrible sweet tooth,
chocolate for me is a necessity of life, confessed in his weakness Anna. — While everyone does not eat, do not stop!
That’s why I try to not even buy chocolates: one box to manage
fail. (Laughs.) Indulge yourself with a piece of chocolate only on vacation for
morning coffee. The rest of the time drinking coffee with milk (love the cappuccino) and
sugar. By the way, sugar is needed by the body, the brain is glucose, But in the day
I eat it no more than 25
grams. Even among the “forbidden” foods for me — pasta. My daughter and I love them very much! But she eats them often, and I only as an exception”.

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