Anna Snatkina admitted that he overly indulges a daughter

Анна Снаткина призналась, что чрезмерно балует дочь
The actress revealed that her three-year-old child does not know failure in anything.

Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The greatest happiness in life, according to Anna Snatkina, are her daughter, Veronica, in April
it will be three years. The actress admitted that overly indulges his little girl in fulfilling any of its desires.

“To be honest, we spoil our daughter. It
the girl while only. We plan on adding to the family, but later. And
while all the power, all the love you give to Veronica. We want for her, of course, the
best. Giving the child everything
we can give her. — says Snatkina. In April
Veronica will be three years. We are going to have a great holiday.
Incidentally, we always birthday daughter
fit globally. I want to give her
such celebrations, which we didn’t have in childhood.”

By the way, in the family of Snatching Vasiliev and no Babysitting. Spouses
they are trying to cope with raising the baby, and when both are absent, to help
the mother comes to see Anna. The actress and her husband have not
showed daughter the press and the public.
Snatkina believes that Veronica is still too young. “We will show her when she
grow up. Kids to me — Holy. Here she says
me: “Mom, I want to shoot for the magazine.” And then we’ll show, but it will be
her decision,” said Anna.

In one interview, Anna Snatkina told that he read
many books on parenting and deals with Veronica on different
methods. The girl is already fluent in two languages: English and Russian.

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