Anna Shulgina thanked Prigogine for marrying her mom

Анна Шульгина поблагодарила Пригожина за женитьбу на ее маме Daughter Valerie appreciated the courageous act of his stepfather. Anna Shulgin considers that not every man is able to make a life with a woman who has three children from a previous marriage.

      Анна Шульгина поблагодарила Пригожина за женитьбу на ее маме

      Famous producer and husband of popular singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine April 2 celebrates its birthday, celebrities marks 47 years. Joseph I. in the social network was one of the first congratulated own daughter Danae, and then the sincere and kind words addressed to the stepfather, whom she calls dad, said daughter Valerie Anne Shulgin. The girl thanked the elect of his mother because he was not afraid to associate with a woman with three children, took responsibility for them and brought them up as if they were his biological heirs. The words that Anya was addressed to Joseph Prigogine, touched to tears.

      “Josh said Anna Shulgina to Prigogine in the microblog. – Thank you for having raised me and my brothers as his! Thank you for your patience with me. I know that is very difficult. Thank you for always fixing my problems, thank you not only for his father’s strong shoulder, but also for a friendly handshake. Thanks for worry about us. Thank you for being such a good. Thank you for what you are not afraid to take to wife the mother of three children and care for them! Thanks for the mad love for Valeria. I hope that there will come a time when you’ll be proud of me! I will not fail your faith!”

      As biological father of Anna, the second wife of singer Valerie Alexander Shulgin, the girl already told him she didn’t feel any feelings. Except indifference.

      At the end of last year, the singer accidentally collided with his own father having discomfort. “We met at the event in one of the fashion weeks. We stood by the company, so he went and looked…appraisingly, as if the damsel some estimates – top-down…Well, you look at her with wonder, with tenderness, with fear, but certainly not in this view”, – shared Shulgin in conversation with journalists.

      Recall that the aspiring singer has two siblings – Arseny and Artem, who were born to married Valerie Alexander. After the divorce with Valerie Alexander Shulgin stopped communication with them. Not an example of Joseph Prigozhin, who not only undertook the upbringing and care of his wife, but also maintains a warm relationship with her three heirs – a son and two daughters, born in the previous marriage.

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