Anna Shulgina flashed his buttocks

Анна Шульгина сверкнула ягодицами The singer posted a provocative photo. Anna Shulgin is not afraid to appear before the public in a bold way. Fans of the daughter, Valeria, was divided into two camps – those who condemn a girl for these pictures and others I read, that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

      Singer Anna Shulgin is quite Frank with his fans. She always talks about the events that happen in her life, posts photographs with their relatives and friends, and also enjoy communicating with the fans. Daughter of singer Valeria does not hesitate to demonstrate quite spicy picture girl posing in lingerie and mesh tights.

      “The mood “what a shame,” wrote Anna in a microblog.

      This photo has divided fans Shulgina into two camps – some blamed Anna for such a bold outfit, and others who do not see anything wrong in this.

      “It’s an outrage! And where Joseph and Valeria look”, “If the figure is elegant, it is not a shame”, “Shape hot, girls, shake your ass!”, “Wow. What is that fire,” began to comment on the publishing members account Shulgina.

      Those who closely followed the page in the microblog daughter Valerie, well aware of her love for bold experiments. She often changes the color of the hair and tries himself in different ways. “Here I want today to be with pink hair – are painted. Don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because I am a Gemini by horoscope, born in year of the Rooster. I think it is better to do now than, for example, when I’m 80 years old,” said Shulgin.

      Apparently, parents and beloved Anna is not against provocative shots. Daughter Valerie is glad the chosen one takes it for what it is. Anna Shulgin: “Beloved is not happy with me scandals over Boyfriends”

      Also, the singer calmly to public opinion. She tries not to take the criticism of haters to heart.

      “First and foremost I want to say that I am adequately healthy criticism. Everyone is different, everyone has different tastes, point of view. If people don’t like something about me, they can safely write, for example: “Anna, I think the color of this dress is not.” I’m just glad that fans can Express their opinion. And when there’s some offensive comments, I absolutely do not understand. They have nothing to do? I try to delete these reviews,” admitted the actress, “StarHit”.