Anna Shulgina apologized to his mother

Анна Шульгина извинилась перед своей мамой
Yesterday, April 17, the celebrated birthday of the famous singer Valeria.

Анна Шульгина извинилась перед своей мамой

Valeria was celebrating 49th anniversary.

Relatives of the singer and fans believe that the star looks very young and she does not give 49 years.

Анна Шульгина извинилась перед своей мамой

The star of the whole day was celebrating.

Cute post posted and daughter Valerie Anne Shulgin, asking forgiveness for the fact that sometimes it didn’t.

“I’m sorry if that offended you, the character is not you, of course, but perfectionism, self-blame (in a good way) and a good heart is yours! You are so kind man, that even too. Thank you for letting us, your children, to find themselves, that never bent his line, and took into account our aspirations. I was lucky that God sent me for you! Thank you for the fact that I was already a school of life (you know what I mean). You and your actions made me who I am now. I hope that your only daughter live up to your expectations,” wrote Anna.

Congratulations to Valeria happy birthday!

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