Anna Shulgina again decided on a bold experiment

Анна Шульгина вновь решилась на смелый эксперимент Daughter Valerie is not afraid to hit the fans. Anna Shulgina show a tendency to change in appearance, but is in no hurry to undergo a major transformation. The new image of the young singer gave fans a playful name.

      Анна Шульгина вновь решилась на смелый эксперимент

      Daughter of singer Valeria Anna Shulgin has managed to prove himself as a rising star. About the girl talking, when she participated in the popular parody show “to a Tee”. Portraying famous performers, Anna was able to show that she has good vocal abilities. Apparently, the program Shulgina so much to change her appearance, she now can’t stop.

      Of course, in matters of beauty, the girl exhibits extreme caution. It is unlikely to shave bald for fun. But add a little bright colors in the usual way Anna does not mind. This time the singer chose a deep blue color. Shulgin published a photo, showing that her hair got a new look.

      “Remember, I have had pink hair in the winter, and all I’ve been called a unicorn and the magic pony? Now, what nickname would you come up with, if now I have blue hair? – asked subscribers to star in the social network. – Came up with the interesting hair and barbie make up. Wait cool pics”. Followers daughter, Valeria, was quick to show imagination. “Blue pony”, “sailor”, “the fairy and the mermaid”, “Marshmallow”, “Penguin”, “Sineglazka”, “Malvina”, – in eager rivalry began to come up with new nicknames for his favorite they.

      Анна Шульгина вновь решилась на смелый эксперимент

      We will remind, in the end of last year Anna had already spent over hair an unusual experiment. She painted the ends in pink. The most recognized Shulgina, a bold decision was a surprise for all the family young lady. “Never thought I’d have to dye your hair in purple and pink, but it turned out that I like it very much!” – the girl shared in his microblog. In addition, the heir to the pop star released a song and video called “the Other me”. Apparently, the singer meant not only internal but also external metamorphosis. Moreover, girls tend to desire for new images.

      By the way, Anna Shulgin appeared on the scene relatively recently. Their debut song “Give a chance for a dream come true,” daughter Valerie performed in duet with a young hip-hop performer. And first real success, the girl brought the song “You’re mine”, which she recorded together with his famous mom.

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