Анна Шульгина оказалась под капельницей Daughter of singer Valeria shared a scary photo. Anna Shulgina pictured himself lying on a hospital couch. The actress is always very honest with my subscribers and that’s why he dedicates them to his life.
Анна Шульгина оказалась под капельницей

Singer Anna Shulgin scared fans in the microblog. She posted a photo that was taken on the hospital bed. Anna ended up on a drip.

However, the actress immediately told her fans that nothing with her terrible has not occurred, and such procedure is necessary only as a support body before the serious work that will require a lot of effort.

“Refuel with energy before you run the coolest songs,” signed by the artist.
Анна Шульгина оказалась под капельницей

Subscribers microblog Shulgina was still concerned about what happened with her health and why she needed medical intervention. Judging by the fact that Anna was very quick to respond to questions of followers, it feels good.

Daughter of singer Valeria happily interacts with fans in his microblog. Many love her for her sincerity, and Anna regularly answers questions and talks about himself.

“How many disappointments I had in my life… Every year I was licking new wounds in my heart. It seemed I had to really lose control and become arrogant, callous, cruel. But I’m still the same girl from the video tapes from the 90s… Believe and I believe in the big goodness and pure love” – shared Shulgin.

Анна Шульгина оказалась под капельницей

Recently she became interested in their followers, what they would like to read her blog. “More than you share? What I would like to see me in the social networks? All the wishes will take into account, as I love each of you in his own way,” wrote Anna. Fans immediately reacted and began to write their proposals. Somebody asked to talk about matters of the heart, someone was interested in the topic of weight loss. Some asked Shulgin to tell more about his life. However, some requests surprised Anna. “I would like to see this without makeup” – asked one of the followers. “It is immediately evident that don’t look at my stories and live broadcasts. I’m the Queen of bruises under the eyes” – ironically said the singer.