Анна Шульгина восхитила сексуальной фигурой в бикини The girl accepts compliments from subscribers. On the eve of Anna and her friend went to warmer climes. According to the geotagging artist is resting in Dubai. Every morning during the holidays she plans to start on the beach.

      Presenter Muz-TV Anna Shulgin decided to run away from the Moscow winter in warmer climes. The girl long-awaited vacation and she and a friend went to Dubai. 23-year-old singer has long dreamed of holiday, as December was tough. She played at the party “Dance! Tree! Muz-TV!”, and also modeled for fashion brands. Now daughter Valerie can relax and enjoy the hot sun.

      On Monday morning, Anna decided to please their followers with the white swimsuit. On the frame you can see the chiseled curves of the figure of the performer. Members were delighted on seeing the new update microblog Shulgina. “The beauty of our beloved!”, “Charm”, “Chic”, “Super”, – left complimenting users of a social network.

      Some of the girls that read follow the blog artist, was interested in how Anna managed to achieve such a figure. Daughter Valeria has admitted that carefully monitors the diet and tries not to skip workouts in the gym.

      The shape and appearance of Anne often become the subject of discussion in social networks. Many users have sought to identify from the beginning star signs of plastic surgery, what really offended the girl. The actress explained that a person has changed in 10 years, only due to the fact that she lost a lot of weight. “The teeth were in the mouth, so they stayed. Nose how was the potatoes, and left. So, dear, can, of course, now and fashionable to transform yourself from up to 20 years, but, fortunately, such people identify themselves, I can’t,” Shulgin explained.

      Anna from an early age accustomed to the fact that her life was watched by journalists. The realization that the popular singer, came to her when she realized that she had learned two unfamiliar teenage girls. However, Shulgin did not hesitate to appear in public places without makeup and sporting things.

      “First and foremost I want to say that I am adequately healthy criticism. Everyone is different, everyone has different tastes, point of view. If people don’t like something about me, they can safely write, for example: “Anna, I think the color of this dress is not.” I’m just glad that fans can Express their opinion,” admitted Shulgin “StarHit”.