Anna Shulgin was accused of vulgarity for erotic dance

Анну Шульгину обвинили в вульгарности за эротический танец Fans did not appreciate the choreography of the singer. Anna Shulgina performed several rhythmic movements in a short vinyl dress and fishnets, for which he received a barrage of criticism. Members chided the young singer in the lack of taste and sense of proportion.

      The daughter of the famous singer Valeria Anna Shulgin, after a stellar mother going to the top of the Russian show business, has already started to get fruit from their own popularity. And they are not always in the form of praise, compliments and flowers from fans. Father of Anna Shulgina brought it to seizures

      Members are closely watching the aspiring singer in her microblog, and among them are those who are willing to criticize Anna for the idea, in their opinion, miss rising star.

      This time Shulgina got for her dance. The girl has published in the microblog video showing how she makes rhythmic movements of the hips and belly under the well-known composition. Dressed singer while in a form-fitting vinyl mini dress and black tights in a grid, which gives her and even greater dance of eroticism and sensuality. Anna Shulgin is moving very rhythmically, demonstrating the amazing plasticity and excellent choreographic training. By the way, Anna had tried to warn the barrage of criticism, writing that doesn’t ask anybody opinion about his dance.

      “I do not like – write a review – commented video daughter Valeria. – Lacquered dress is not much you dance, that’s what we realized in the morning for the fitting of a new concert suit.”

      However, followers of Anna Shulgina her request, a warning is not confused. Haters who are just waiting for a convenient moment to speak in unflattering for the star key, then called the girls dancing vulgar. “Well, that’s too much”, “Yeah, like something tacky and cheap”, “the Fifth point you need to have at least more than it is. Clumsy and cheap. Poor mum,” gross and vulgar”, “Went berserk,” he hastened to show himself detractors.

      But loyal fans Shulgina was delighted with the performance and image of Anna. “Dance while you are young, my girl, dance, dance while young!”, “Anna, you’re such a beauty. Dance, girl, rejoice”, “Good for you, have something to show”, “Anna, you are clever, well done! You are the epitome of femininity, grace and gentleness! You’re a dear!” – Shulgin showered with compliments.

      By the way, in a recent interview with “StarHit” Shulgin admitted that doesn’t feel famous and glory is easy. According to her, the child, held her in a creative atmosphere, has left its mark. Now a celebrity tries to surprise fans not only vocal skills, but also impeccable appearance.