Anna Shulgin spoke about the pregnancy Valeria

Анна Шульгина заговорила о беременности Валерии
In the Network, the debate continues about where the singer has a twins.

Lifelock. Going for a walk.?? #lifelock #kids #twins #family ??

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Debate about whether Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin again parents, broke out with renewed vigor. On the eve of the singer posted a photo with the same kids, and her husband earlier this month. The actress, like her husband, keeps a secret, who are the parents of twins. However, she made it clear to fans that the grandmother she did not, respectively, the grandchildren she has yet. “Then it turns out that Valeria was the mom? You can congratulate?” — interested fans.

Anna Shulgin has supported the intrigue and “planted the wood” in a heated discussion of the picture with small children. Daughter Valerie left a meaningful comment, which further fueled rumors that she had two brothers. “Mom, I told you not to upload pictures of my beads!!! I had them don’t post!!! Delete please!!!” — wrote Anna.

Joseph Prigogine with the twins

Photo: @Instagram prigozhin_iosif Joseph Prigogine

At the same time, many fans of the singer, despite the obvious similarities of children with Prigogine, I do not believe that the little children of the star couple. Valerie page is full of different assumptions: “Maybe even a doll?”, “The neighbor’s kids, Former wife of Joseph bore? Layla?”, “Maybe the children of a family friend?”, “Hired for PR.” The fans hope that Valeria will soon cease to escalate the intrigue and reveal all the cards.