Anna Shulgin spoke about anorexia

Анна Шульгина заговорила об анорексии Eldest daughter Valerie often gives advice to girls on Instagram. Many will remember that Anna in adolescence was full, the girl abruptly lost. Today, she was 25 years old, and she boasts a perfectly proportioned body.
Анна Шульгина заговорила об анорексии

Anna Shulgin was born in Moscow into a family of famous musicians: people’s artist of Russia, singer Valeria and producer Alexander Shulgin. The girl has two younger brothers, Arseny and Artem.

Today Anna was 25 years old. The girl chose a creative profession, graduated from the Moscow Central school, then entered the theater Institute. Shulgin managed to try herself as an actress and appeared in several music videos. Anna also participated in entertainment shows. Many say that it is very similar to her famous mother.

Vigilant fans will remember that in adolescence, Shulgin was quite a fad. On this subject she has repeatedly spoken broadcast programs. She is now in excellent physical shape, fullness she explained the hormonal disruption in the system. However, Anna noted that in any weight feel comfortable. Shulgin encourages many fans don’t go to extremes and don’t push yourself to exhaustion.

Анна Шульгина заговорила об анорексии “When I was a teenager, the fashion, as I remember, had anorexia as a psychological illness and physical condition of the body. Girls drive themselves into the framework of which it was difficult to get out yourself. Since the age of 12 they began the torment of a totally different character, up to the use of hard drugs! And even if they achieved the desired parameters that were supposed to make them happier, as they naively expected, it didn’t do them as such, oddly enough. The head is to blame. Of course, it’s a wild game that was in 2000-to the Glory of God that now everything is different. I look at teenagers, and most are now in the pursuit of athletic, healthy body. In short. What I’m saying. Girls and boys, have a head on your shoulders, not necessary from one extreme to another, don’t forget about my heart, about a spiritual condition, cultivate all good sides. Believe me, inner beauty is always reflected on the outside. You can be anything flat noses, or drymalia hands, but if you are a human turd, then you will be bad. I’ve never been anorexic physique, but believe me, attention from the opposite sex I was the sea, in any my weight. Harmony,” said Shulgin.
Анна Шульгина заговорила об анорексии

To maintain fitness Anna regularly engaged in the gym or at home. Also, she adheres to the principles of proper nutrition: because before her eyes the example of the famous mother, who at 50 looks better than many twenty year old girls. By the way, recently Valery has presented its own line of dietary boxes. In each container the client is waiting for a delicious and healthy Breakfast, lunch or dinner.