Анна Шульгина публично обнажилась Daughter Valerie shared with subscribers of the Frank. The actress had a photo session, which resulted in a number of unusual personnel. Fans praised the courage Shulgina.

      In the framework of the popular show “Toch-V-Toch” Anna tried on the images of dozens of performers. The singer has admitted that gets great pleasure from such transformations and new experiences. But after filming the girl never ceases to amaze followers with new experiments.

      So, in Instagram the star posted a photograph in which she appeared Topless. Long hair, eyes closed, striking a pose and sequins on the shoulder make the scenes even more spicy. “A little bit more and I’ll turn into Undine…” – briefly signed post Shulgin.

      “Most beautiful!”, “Anya, you’re like a mermaid – these colors and the image… Does not matter, and even tender, Wow! Cool photos!”, “Magical!” commented fans.

      Beauty told fans that she was interested in the process of change in itself. “I really like to observe how I continue to change not only externally but also internally. I like that in my head more and more is new ideas, plans and projects. The only thing that I would like to wish myself – never to regret. If I can do it, stay. Got a long road ahead tough guy!”

      Interesting that she quite often puts these posts. She recently shared a photo where posing Topless and covering her Breasts with his hands. However, such frankness is not like all, some were quick to condemn her for being too erotic.

      Anna found something to say in response: “I don’t want to engage you in debate if you have complexes. I am for sexuality, naturalness, sensuality and eroticism, but against vulgarity and banality”.

      Some have speculated that this behavior may be due to the recent betrayal, which spoke in Instagram itself Shulgin. Then she confessed that she suffers from your open and even considering changing the style of a “good girl”.

      “You know, I always wanted to give people good, can sometimes not come out, but I try. And sometimes, I feel that I’m very open to all, for all brand. Rarely, but thoughts of how to shut down and become a total bitch, bitch calculating and evil. How to remain human in a world full of bad people? How to trust people when the one who you as you believed, supported, just sharpening the knife behind your back? How to believe the weather forecasts when meteorologists are wrong all the time? How to believe in love when you invent it himself, having read a beautiful sonnet of Shakespeare? One question in my head constantly does not allow to breathe… How?”