Анна Шульгина гневно опровергла подозрения в пластике Daughter Valerie said that’s not going to change. Anna Shulgin claims that her bright appearance is a result of weight loss rather than work on her face by plastic surgeons. The aspiring singer is outraged by the information that about her spread in microblogging about the life of stars.

      The daughter of the famous singer Valeria Anna Shulgin, who also undertook the building of a singing career after star mom rushed to the musical Olympus began to reap the first fruits of popularity. New image of Anna Shulgina criticized in Network

      Information about the girl posted on their microblogging pages telling about the life of celebrities. However seeing the nature of this publication, her character Anna Shulgin was furious. The blog compared the two images of Anna, the modern and the one on which she is depicted 13-year-old girl. “Daughter of the singer Valeria, a 23-year-old Anna Shulgin before and after plastic surgery,” reads the inscription under the photos. The post is provided with a hashtag “Before and after plastic surgery”.

      The young star is outraged to the core. Anna erupted in response to the angry post, urging his fans not to trust the information that appears in such groups.

      “No, well, you’ve seen hashtags?! Before and after plastic surgery! Arrived! Took photos of muddy yellow filters where I’m 13 and next attached a photo taken a couple of days ago. Rabbits, lose weight first kg 35-40, and then you see that the large eyes of steel, and my cheeks are smaller, and a bigger mouth. The teeth were healed, so they left. Nose how was the potatoes, and left. So, dear, can, of course, now and fashionable to transform yourself at 20 years, but, fortunately, such people I can not be attributed. Subscribers, think before you subscribe to such groups. They do not reveal the truth about your favorite writers, actors, Directors. They invent their” – emotionally spoke Anna Shulgin in the microblog.

      I must say that Anna is not afraid to find your style and constantly change. She often changes hairstyles and hair color. Interestingly, last year, the budding performer was able to show their love for transformation on stage. She participated in the popular show reincarnation on the First channel “Exactly exactly”. There Shulgin quite successfully parodied famous singers and tried to copy not only the appearance, facial expressions and mannerisms of the artists, but to emulate their voice.

      Despite the fact that Shulgina influential parents who could contribute to her professional achievements, Anna is trying to achieve on their own. The girl signed a contract with Joseph Prigozhin, according to which it works as long as necessary, observing all the conditions and getting paid.