Anna Shulgin discovered the truth about romance

Анна Шульгина раскрыла правду о многочисленных романах Daughter Valerie used to live under the scrutiny of the public. However, she is in no hurry to reveal the secrets of his personal life. Anna Shulgin prefers to keep such information to yourself.

      Анна Шульгина раскрыла правду о многочисленных романах

      Daughter of singer Valeria Anna Shulgin gradually gaining popularity on the Russian stage. Young actress releases new song, which immediately become hits and win the love of the audience. Accounts of Anna social networking is also very popular. Shulgin happy to share with fans events from his life. Daughter, Valeria, was used to scrutiny from childhood, so not surprised, when reading to myself information, do not correspond to reality. So, the aspiring singer has repeatedly attributed novels with different young people. Anna was quick to refute the rumors.

      “I can’t say I’m unfamiliar with the people who wrote about media… But actually conformity I have not seen. For example, four years ago, the Internet had spread the news that I meet with Nikolai Baskov! I love nick with all my heart, but cost him something when the journalists joke, to call me “her fiancee”, like all publications picked up and began to thumb this subject,” said Shulgin.

      We will remind, not so long ago talked about the fact that her daughter Valeria meets up with an aspiring rapper Mulatto. Together with a young musician she often appeared at social events, and also starred in his music video not the song “My favorite”. But whether or not this track was dedicated to Anna or what unites them is their creativity, the artists did not comment. Despite the omnipresence of journalists, Shulgin believes that it will be able to keep secret the identity of her lover.

      “And if you want to hide something from the public, the whole truth, no one will know. There are many examples when media personality for many years to hide from the journalists the your other half, family, children… So in this world if you have the desire, anything is possible”, – says Anna.

      Interestingly, in December last year, the aspiring singer talked about the fact that she found his man. But, her mom couldn’t understand how serious the feelings of young people. She said that love gives wings to daughter. And the girl dreamed about family and children.

      “I’m ready to tell the truth to fans and reporters, but within reason. Must be a private space, and some of the information inside and out, and I want to leave with him,” – said Anna in an interview

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